Purple Germs 3: Mr. Bigfoot! has realeased!!!

Please show your support for our 8-month long effort, and buy a copy of the album from your favorite music site or CDBaby. 

You are the reason we keep rocking!


- Harold

It's Here ! ! !

Gargantuan Lives 2017 !!!

Purple Germs: Gargantuan !

Gargantuan is breaking the mold of rock and roll success because of YOU! Keep buying Gargantuan and automatically raise money for the Purple Germs Type 1 Diabetes fund!


Purple Germs 3 "Mr. Bigfoot"  Update:

The evidence is in, and Bigfoot IS real !!!  It's been 8 months since we started the new album and it's finnaly YOURS to hear!

Purple Germs has been released worldwide! Please support our long efforts, buy the albums, spread the word, come to the shows, and add the tunes to your playlists! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You guys are the BEST!

Proceeds will be going to offset the costs of the 2018 album and the JDRF/PurpleGerms Type 1 Diabetes research Fundraiser

We're still here because of YOU! 

 - Harold

Purple Germs 2018 - Mr. Bigfoot !

(releasing Oct 10th !)

Purple Germs is a collection of your favorite Boston musicians slamming out new rock and roll!

We listened, and wrote the new album just for you! 

Mr. Bigfoot continues the saga with a beaten down dude escaping to upsate NY to become a hermit. It doesn't take long until he discovers the magical Gargantuan bone. The aliens take interest and start their odd visits during the night. One mind-game later, M.r Bigfoot fins himself recruited into the alien cause without really knowing why. 

This album sweeps through many rock styles, from Elton John to Motley Crue...Melloncamp to Dream Theater....Alice Cooper to Cheap Trick. 

CD's and autographed posters are available at Hit Squad shows and publicity events!  Downloads are available on all sites! 

This rocks! You gotta stream it, buy it, rock it! Thank you for supporting us, your local musicians!




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